Further reading on muscle twitching disorders.

Neurological Rarities. Neuromyotonia.

P Maddison. Department of Neurology, Royal Victoria Infirmary. Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

This paper is a comprehensive look at this rare disorder of involuntary muscle activity that presents with twitching and painful cramps.


Phenotypic variants of autoimmune peripheral nerve hyperexcitability.

I.K.Hart, P.Maddison, J.Newsome-Davis. A.Vincent and K.R.Mills

This article includes the findings from a study group of 60 patients with muscle twitching and or cramps.They would by definition be classed as having either Neuromotonia, or benign cramp fasciculation syndrome variants of peripheral nerve hyperexcitability (PNH).


Diseases Associated with Antibodies to Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels.

Dr Camilla Buckley, Lecturer in Clinical Neurology, Department of Clinical Neurology,
Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. UK.

Contained in this article are references to peripheral nerve hyperexcitability syndromes in particular, neuromyotonia and cramp fasciculation syndrome.